The Rich History Behind Palladium Boots

Palladium Boots

The Rich History Behind Palladium Boots

Palladium boots have become more than just a fashion statement and have evolved into a culture. From filmmakers to grunge rock punks, everyone wants to get their hands on a pair of Palladium boots. Due to the kind of demand that it enjoys, these pair of boots may never go out of fashion. But apart from the looks, there are aspects credited with these boots. Most of them tend to go back in time and display the vast history that is associated with these shoes. Hence, to help you go on the same journey, here’s a brief take on the history of Palladium boots.

The Origin

Established in the year 1920, Palladium was a successful French company headquartered in Lyon, France. In the beginning, the company was not famous for shoes since it went ahead to manufacture Palladium tires for aircraft. Their process of creation was extremely skilled, and they emerged to be a success. The materials that they used were not only durable but also rich in quality.

The Origin

The Shift

At this point, you might be wondering how Palladium turned out to be a shoe manufacturer. Well, it all began due to WWⅡ. The implications of the war were drastic, and they needed tires to last and fight the war. So in terms of demand, Palladium emerged to be a successful brand. But things changed when the war came to an end. Gradually the demand began to decline, and things did not seem to be going as planned. At last, the company decided to utilise the same set of resources for boots. This was a strategic move that benefited the company to this very date.

The Production

Seeking inspiration from ‘Jungle Boots’, Palladium was one of the first producers to make canvas and rubber boots for the military. Pont De Cheruy happened to be the place of production and thus began their production. Through time, the company managed to increase its line up, and several products were launched.

Haron Tazieff, Students and the Present

Haron Tazieff was a volcanic cinematographer who was credited with taking the brand to global appeal. He was also the French minister for Natural disasters who loved Palladium’s Pallabrousse boots. His level of excitement was taken into consideration, and people began falling for the same. Haron was also an individual who used to climb active volcanoes back in 1960. Since he wore this pair of shoes for the process, people began to fall for the same. Apart from him, even students went ahead with the shoe for the Infamous May 1968 Protests. Since it was one of the largest general strikes, people once again began to look into these shoes. Moving further into the 2000s, you may be aware of the fact that K-Swiss acquired Palladium. Thanks to the reboot the brand received, today it is known globally.

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