‘Biometric’ a useful technology

‘Biometric’ a useful technology

‘Biometric’ a useful technology

Do you use the figure print for your safety? Which kind of security do you use smart film for your safety? People mostly use the best types of equipment for their securities. Security is very important for us it saves us from many kinds of thief activities and we can save too many things from it.

People love to use the new technologies for their convenience and that is why the inventors are inventing new and new devices for the people. Well if we talk about some inventions about the security then you will say those guns, arms, lock and many more things which are available for the safety of people and their documents


If we talk about safety so people us many kinds of things to secure their data and that is why people love to use them and live tension free. Like the pattern code for your mobile phone and the password for your laptop and p.c. but now the thief is becoming the mastermind in the steal that is why the people also need to be advance and now the inventors are inventing the new technologies for your safety, so we are going to know about those securities which are invented for our safety so I will request you to stay with us till the end.

Facial Recognition System concept.

Changing the history of security with time 

There are many kinds of things are available for your safety. Before the inventions of new technology security devices people use to keep a big lock or a password with the wheel lock, but those can be breakable easily with the certain weapons and now people cannot become more advance towards their securities


So we will look at a device which is very useful for our security.


Biometric security: – the biometric is a device that provides you the security to you by using your body parts and that is why it is a very useful device. We all have a unique identity so using our identity we can lock the things 

            You can define identity verification in two parts

  1. Your finger prints 
  2. Your eyes detection
    • Finger prints: – the finger prints are very useful things because this is a unique thing in our human body and in this world your finger prints unique from others, that is why this is a unique identification detector 
    • Iris detection: – as same as your finger prints the iris or eyes detection is also used for your identification because your iris is also a unique thing in the human body and that is why it is very important 


Uses of biometric device

The biometric devices are specially used for your safety and security but there are many things that you can do by using the biometric device

  • Use to count your presence or absent: – in big companies, biometric is used for surveillance
  • Used for with rough money: -it is also used to get your money from bank because your fingerprints are connected with the bank account  
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